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Nutty Scientists: A wacky way to make science stick and a great way to become your own boss!

Since 1996, children around the world have benefited from the Nutty Scientists® method
for learning through experimentation, participation, and most of all – fun! At the same time,
entrepreneurs across the globe have discovered the freedom of business ownership and the
ability to make a meaningful difference in their own communities.

As an internationally ranked franchise opportunity and a leading global provider of scientific
activities for children of all ages, Nutty Scientists has created a winning formula that we
continue to replicate around the world.

Why science, and why now?

According to a recent survey from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, more countries test below average in science than any other subject. And many of those countries have continued to slip in recent years.

Without a critical foundation, it’s much more difficult for students to learn more advanced scientific concepts – concepts needed for college entrance exams and any number of technological careers. It’s our belief that children tune out the little science they are exposed to because it’s often taught in a textbook fashion that doesn’t allow them to get involved.

A world leader in interactive childrens programs

Nutty Scientists® methodology is all about a hands-on approach, encouraging participation
and engaging children as they’re being educated. Not only do children develop a love for
science, they develop critical self-esteem at a young age.

We also offer interactive activities showcasing environmental and health issues in a different,
entertaining and leisurely way. In fact, we’ve partnered with some of the largest corporations
in the world to spread messages of conservation to children everywhere. Over 9 million children have participated in our “edutainment” shows all over the world.

Two different franchise models to choose from.

The flexibility in the Nutty Scientists® franchise opportunity is part of what makes us so unique. Whether you want to go big out of the gate with a physical location or you’d rather start from home and grow your business strategically, we offer both options.



This is a great opportunity to start small with a lower investment level. It gives franchisees the ability to deliver proprietary science programs, workshops, camps and shows inside classrooms and at various other community locations.

Total estimated initial investment $35,500 – $43,800



Our enrichment and creativity centers offer franchisees the ability to provide all of the services of a home-based opportunity as well as a place to call their own. The Nutty Scientists® lab location will become a community hub where children of all ages can come to learn scientific concepts in a playful, fun, yet structured atmosphere.

Total estimated initial investment $44,850 – $149,800

Basic Franchise Info

Average Investment: $35000

Minimum Investment: $35500 - $149800

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Min. Liquidity: 40000

Years in Business: 1996

Open Units: 7

In-House Financing: Yes

Lead Assist: Yes

Coaching: Yes

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