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BirthdayPak is an award-winning marketing platform that brings local upscale businesses, such as restaurants, day spas, salons, and boutiques together with their best customers. pre_mailer Through a powerful convergence of personalized direct mail and digital marketing techniques, BirthdayPak effectively creates first time and continued engagements with upscale businesses and an exclusive group of affluent consumers. BirthdayPak is the perfect opportunity for seasoned sales professionals who want to develop their own business with the support of a proven brand.

BirthdayPak franchise owners work with local business owners who want to feature their brand in a uniquely mailed gift package sent directly to women in their community. BirthdayPak allows advertising clients to track their performance and see the value of their investment, while at the same time protecting their brand that they have worked so hard to create.

What makes BirthdayPak offers even more appealing to the recipient is the fact that the offers are presented in the form of gift cards, not coupons! BirthdayPak recipients are then encouraged to activate their gift cards online, so they become a member of our online community, opening the door to multiple digital marketing opportunities…effectively turning BirthdayPak into a powerhouse multi-channel marketing platform.

Basic Franchise Info

Average Investment: $24000 - $49000

Minimum Investment: $22000 - $140250

Min. Liquidity: 24000

Years in Business: 2010

Open Units: 30

In-House Financing: Yes

Lead Assist: Yes

Coaching: Yes

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